Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wedges vs Clogs

I recently had an inexplicable period of wedge-lust (not that inexplicable - they are bloody everywhere) in which I spent many a man hours literally hunting down the right pair. When I am determined to get something, I develop a kind of super focused beam of concentration. Similar to that feeling/sense of purpose when you turn your room upside down looking for something you are sure you left under that pile of clothes... This level of frustration and meticulous rifling-through is also applied to my searches for the right shoes, bag, dress, etc etc etc. Not so keen to apply these skills to studying, mind.

Of course during my search, I came across many irrelevant albeit similar products (like when you are searching for a necklace and find a missing earring - not quite what you were looking for). Although these byproducts of my search I wasn't particularly pleased to see (like finding an unwanted, ugly/broken earring). And so we arrive at the subject of clogs..also themselves inescapable in the current fashion landscape. From the fashion-folk (damn you Chanel) to the plane Janes (damn you Miss Chung), they are "loved". Yeah I used that term loosely as, well, we all know people are idiots and will buy anything anyone tells them to.

Just in case not all of us know what I am talking about (shame on you), here is the culprit:
Right? Platform: yes. Wooden chunky heel: yes. Clog-like features: nah. I mean, compare those to THESE babies (ignore the consistently bad styling courtesy of Net)...
And there is no damn contest! These are sexy, not clunky. Stylish, not faux pas. Can I say sexy twice? PLUS, comfort which only shoes with heel/back of the foot support can provide and you get an infinitely better package than clumpy clogs. Also, they score way more cool points as fashion victims (that is a term of endearment, not derision) around the world have championed them for ages. I of course do not mean the summery, straw-soled and sometimes floral girly wedge. Incidentally that is why I posted a pic of Rick Owens wedges above. These wedges are edgey(!), fierce and devastatingly awesome.These babies have been sold out for..God knows how long now and I have given up trying to get my hands on them (as buying them would also mean buying a bag with some silver hardware), unless the shoe fairy wishes to bring some to me (I'm a UK 4 thanks).

All things considered, I am not an unreasonable person and am willing to partially embrace the clog obsession (the way you might embrace someone untrustworthy..with caution). There are some redeeming features, yes and these are fantastic:The question is: were they spawned as clog spin-offs..or did they come into the world from an entirely different train of thought?

(You can buy the Rick Owens wedges and Marni, Miu Miu and Lanvin shoes from Net a Porter)

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