Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Exciting New Project

With the street style concept getting off to a no-start, I have been considering how to expand this blog to encompass new ideas and concepts. I still enjoy reviews, and will definitely reel off an article or two every so often on something stylish that interests me but I want more. More fashion from people around me.

Stylish souls will still get snapped by me (or my trusty photogs) if and when I see them but I want a more focused concept.

Show Me Your is a great way for us nobodies to see what the fashion insiders get to wear but I don't find it particularly inspiring - more frustrating. I am already being constantly reminded by the screeds of blogs and their owners that there are richer/more stylish/more affluent people than I in the world, and unless I win the lottery, I can't compete.

So I want to champion the beautiful people who may or may not have had a ridiculously elegant mother with vintage designer pieces to die for (my mother lived in communist China most of her life, the wardrobe staple there was shapeless and grey).

If I see you on the street and think you look fucking amaze, then I may ask to see your wardrobe and photog you in (or around) it.
DO NOT BE ALARMED. Promise I won't fall in love with you.

Also, if anyone is dying for me to feature them (cos you'll feel like a total celeb - only famous people are recognised these days) then just let me know and I may just devote some time to you!Oh GOD why did I upload this? It looks even messier on screen... Is this what other people see?!?? And you can't even see all of it... (oh yes, there's more)

In other news, these shoes+Paris=sexy (hopefully not clumsy) combination.

Watch this space..

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