Friday, 30 December 2011

V Ave Shoe Repair - Sorry I'm late...

People who know me personally are probably aware of my former, and sometimes still evident, love of the little known Swedish brand H&M. Not just anything from there, mind - I only had eyes for the aptly named Trend label - with its use of slightly better materials and cuts, clean shapes and muted palette. With some clever styling, I was ready for the scrutiny of others, who were often amazed when I told them truthfully where most of my ensemble came from. Back in the day when I was predominantly a high street shopper, H&M Trend gave me something that the likes of Topshop or Urban Outfitters couldn't - an early and rudimentary appreciation of minimalism and design amongst the sea of cute florals and lace tops.

So the natural progression from those humble beginnings was H&M's classier sister brand, Cos. Using better materials and cuts still, I find this to be a good (but derivative, yes) alternative to pricier Scandanavian fashion houses.

Now that the brief history of my personal taste is over and done with, let's talk about V Ave Shoe Repair. Founded in 2004, this label has that extra edge that I always look for in whatever style of design is being practised. It still has the features which define Scandanavian design but tones down the functionalism - minimalism with an edge. In this case, I just adore the modern and unique twist to simple pieces that can be the staple of your wardrobe, or become a statement piece in its own right.

The stunning drapery (my favourite feature) and smart use of fabcrics will keep me coming back for more. Isn't it convenient I discovered the label during the sale...?
These trousers are on their way!