Saturday, 22 May 2010

Miss Emma

SO, I have finally decided to upload the stunning pics of Emma, which I have refrained from doing for too long. I ventured to the west end of Glasgow to get these shots and was thoroughly entertained by Emma's antics, as well as her model skillz.

A peek into her wardrobe and her eclectic (and maybe eccentric) style was there in its multicoloured glory.
The idea for this shoot was to get Emma in clothes that she felt most comfortable in, the pieces she liked the most and whatever crazy thing I could find in her wardrobe. I was not disappointed!

I think this dress was a recent purchase (at the time of the shoot anyway haha). I was slightly surprised as I never really imaged Emma to want to be in a tea dress but what the hell do I know? Also, when I met her, she was wearing a stunning grey fringed leather jacket (which I'm gutted I never photographed). But then she made it clear she would wear it with Docs and all was well with the world.

I think this top speaks for itself. Disco and denim have never looked so good together.

Suede Dr Martens with fleece lining? I want a heeled version of those for winter already!

This masterpiece from the Rusty Zip (now just Armstrongs)is so many things in one dress..
The first thing is the Marc Jacobs AW 2009 collection, with its neon hues and power shoulders.
The second thing is figure skaters' costumes.
The third thing is what the girls wore on Fresh Prince.

Like I said, masterpiece.

What a face! I am pretty sure Miss Emma was not wearing any make up when I saw her that afternoon, nor did she attempt any touch ups or to fix her hair etc etc. Going through the photos, I noticed that the colour of her cheeks became a perfect blush colour just under her cheekbones, and there was non-existent flaws to cover up - apart from the hole in her tights. Sigh. I wish that was MY only problem when it comes to pictures of me.

I love this. I decided to combine a top she said she has never worn with her grandma's patchwork trousers (which are really comfortable apparently! I don't doubt it). And she only looks slightly ridiculous.

So what have we learned from Emma? That you can look pretty damn cool with mostly second hand and vintage clothing. And that Dr Martens don't always have to be purely bad ass - they can even be cute!
And no, not everyone can pull this off (this blog doesn't offer a 'Get the Look' service). But we have Emma to show us how its done and I know I wouldn't want to see lesser imitations anyway.

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