Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wedges vs Clogs

I recently had an inexplicable period of wedge-lust (not that inexplicable - they are bloody everywhere) in which I spent many a man hours literally hunting down the right pair. When I am determined to get something, I develop a kind of super focused beam of concentration. Similar to that feeling/sense of purpose when you turn your room upside down looking for something you are sure you left under that pile of clothes... This level of frustration and meticulous rifling-through is also applied to my searches for the right shoes, bag, dress, etc etc etc. Not so keen to apply these skills to studying, mind.

Of course during my search, I came across many irrelevant albeit similar products (like when you are searching for a necklace and find a missing earring - not quite what you were looking for). Although these byproducts of my search I wasn't particularly pleased to see (like finding an unwanted, ugly/broken earring). And so we arrive at the subject of clogs..also themselves inescapable in the current fashion landscape. From the fashion-folk (damn you Chanel) to the plane Janes (damn you Miss Chung), they are "loved". Yeah I used that term loosely as, well, we all know people are idiots and will buy anything anyone tells them to.

Just in case not all of us know what I am talking about (shame on you), here is the culprit:
Right? Platform: yes. Wooden chunky heel: yes. Clog-like features: nah. I mean, compare those to THESE babies (ignore the consistently bad styling courtesy of Net)...
And there is no damn contest! These are sexy, not clunky. Stylish, not faux pas. Can I say sexy twice? PLUS, comfort which only shoes with heel/back of the foot support can provide and you get an infinitely better package than clumpy clogs. Also, they score way more cool points as fashion victims (that is a term of endearment, not derision) around the world have championed them for ages. I of course do not mean the summery, straw-soled and sometimes floral girly wedge. Incidentally that is why I posted a pic of Rick Owens wedges above. These wedges are edgey(!), fierce and devastatingly awesome.These babies have been sold out for..God knows how long now and I have given up trying to get my hands on them (as buying them would also mean buying a bag with some silver hardware), unless the shoe fairy wishes to bring some to me (I'm a UK 4 thanks).

All things considered, I am not an unreasonable person and am willing to partially embrace the clog obsession (the way you might embrace someone untrustworthy..with caution). There are some redeeming features, yes and these are fantastic:The question is: were they spawned as clog spin-offs..or did they come into the world from an entirely different train of thought?

(You can buy the Rick Owens wedges and Marni, Miu Miu and Lanvin shoes from Net a Porter)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Exciting New Project

With the street style concept getting off to a no-start, I have been considering how to expand this blog to encompass new ideas and concepts. I still enjoy reviews, and will definitely reel off an article or two every so often on something stylish that interests me but I want more. More fashion from people around me.

Stylish souls will still get snapped by me (or my trusty photogs) if and when I see them but I want a more focused concept.

Show Me Your is a great way for us nobodies to see what the fashion insiders get to wear but I don't find it particularly inspiring - more frustrating. I am already being constantly reminded by the screeds of blogs and their owners that there are richer/more stylish/more affluent people than I in the world, and unless I win the lottery, I can't compete.

So I want to champion the beautiful people who may or may not have had a ridiculously elegant mother with vintage designer pieces to die for (my mother lived in communist China most of her life, the wardrobe staple there was shapeless and grey).

If I see you on the street and think you look fucking amaze, then I may ask to see your wardrobe and photog you in (or around) it.
DO NOT BE ALARMED. Promise I won't fall in love with you.

Also, if anyone is dying for me to feature them (cos you'll feel like a total celeb - only famous people are recognised these days) then just let me know and I may just devote some time to you!Oh GOD why did I upload this? It looks even messier on screen... Is this what other people see?!?? And you can't even see all of it... (oh yes, there's more)

In other news, these shoes+Paris=sexy (hopefully not clumsy) combination.

Watch this space..

Friday, 12 March 2010

Work of Art

Still haven't decided if this is genius or trash...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

PFW - Damsels! Frankenbears! Divers...?!?!

Well, catching up on the last few days of FW has been very entertaining indeed. Scrolling through reels of beautiful garments that were (mostly) made with love and the utmost care and attention. Of course, you expect breath-taking creations, bearing the hallmarks of true excellence.

I was really looking forward to seeing what Tisci had to offer and although I wasn't disappointed, I wasn't immediately amazed either. I think it's maybe a grower..I don't think I have ever used that word in the context of a collection before but there ya go.

He noted skiing and scuba diving as influences of this collection and while it's there, it is given that gothy, vixenesque appeal that he does so well.

The apparently open front zip is clearly an ode to divers everywhere and gives the ensembles that "just out of the water and have unzipped my diving suit halfway so it's hanging at the hips" appeal that Cameron Diaz would be proud of (why was she not invited to walk?) yet somehow it works...

After looking at the pictures I have decided to post..can you guess which theme I liked best?
And of course, Tisci's infamous feathers.. Now I am certain. I want a feather cape!

Next, Chanel:

Not sure I can describe my reaction when the first thing I see of the Chanel show is the bear hybrid you see there in the first pic. I was mortified - how many animals did they kill to piece that Frankenstein outfit together?! But in his madness, Lagerfeld remembered that it would be unwise to use REAL fur (my personal insight into that enigmatic man) so he went with faux instead. PHEW! My inner PETA warrior subsided. But my inner fashion enthusiast was still not impressed. 78 pictures later (that's right - I said seventy eight) and I'm still not entirely convinced.

I was extremely pleased to see the Frankenbear shed its fur to reveal Chanel tweed and intricate knits and those two tone shoes - dayam! But a few more ill-placed bear suits left me feeling cough up some fur balls.

Moving on swiftly...

A respectful last series of presentations for the peerless Alexander McQueen, a selection of sixteen pieces full of history, intricacy and attention to detail that defined his work. I wanted to post them all on here, but decided to select the ones which I liked best and thought represents the collection.

The opulence and regality of the collection is clear: the gold embroidery, layers of silk, jewel adorned necklines - all a flamboyant throwback to more prosperous times where power and religion were one and the same. The floor length designs could have graced the court of Kings and have their own royal portrait!

I absolutely adore the cocktail dresses. I am very reluctant to call them that as they look like they should be worn for a banquet or feast.

OK, enough with the medieval comparisons..I hear ya.
I am not going to go into some shit about how it's an "unfinished symphony to life- and death" (yeah nice try Daily Mail - you're still shit) because I think we are in danger of trying to read too much into the work of someone who died suddenly and it's easy to find meaning that's not there. Of course, this is not to say that his work wasn't complex - he explored a lot of themes in his work - but that not every stitch, colour choice or pattern necessarily represents his innermost feelings.

So all I am going to say is that the collection was beautiful - which is what fashion should be at the core, and that it is a shame that there could not have been more of it! Definitely need more beauty in the world.

All photos from

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Best of PFW so far, worst of street fashion...

I thought I would have had at least some luck by now in finding some worthy people to shoot but alas, the world is against me.
Trawled around Glasgow town centre this afternoon to no avail, and thought I'd try my luck back in Ed but the late afternoon sun was ridiculous and I had no sunglasses to shield my eyes so I couldn't even see the road before me, let alone any fashionables.

As you can see, Glasgow town centre was teeming with people yet not a stylist soul in sight :(

And so from no style to more style than most people can handle, PFW is in full swing and some shows have been epic. Here is a pick of the best so far...

So the 'A's - Ann Demeulemeester back on great form again - beautifully cut coats and jackets is what she does best - just look at the structure! And those trousers tailored to luxe perfection. A great collection.
I loved the colour palette of AF Vandervorst - neutrals and blacks, with almost armour plated garments and then this lovely, deconstructed and aged ensemble, with white chalk/dust billowing from the creases...amazing!

Balmain's power shoulder lives to see another season and it looks as though it's "Recession? What recession?" theme again with rich embroidery and gold everywhere. Looking forward to the embroidered jackets!

Three words to describe Haider Ackermann? Sexy, structured and uh...leather. Fan-fucking-tastic. Most of this collection is so damn awesome that we can forgive him for the wilted lace afterthoughts towards the end there.. So out of place in this one (leather) themed show.

Umm.. This is unmistakeably Viktor and Rolf. I have to say, the rest of their collection is shockingly wearable! The set looked amazing!

I think enough has been said about Pugh already and my bigging him up would be quite unecessary so apart from saying - look at that collar! - we shall move on.
I am absolutely loving Sharon Wauchob's minimalist collection - full of black but bursting with different textures and cuts. I love black on black on black and her collection shows you how to achieve this effortlessly!

God there's been so many shows I may have to leave this for now as I don't want this post dragging on. Just have to say in closing... Isabel Not impressed with your collection at all, therefore it won't be gracing my pages!

All pictures found at

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Wednesday afternoon is officially the least stylish time of the week. No one. Zilch. Nada. Non-existent number of people worth photographing. I don't think I've ever seen a city so lifeless. But we were not going to resort to snapping mediocre attire - that is not our way.

Oh, except this vision of perfection right here. Top class, non? OK this was a test shot and my legs are in perfect model proportions thankyouverymuch.

Well, it can only get better. And damn right it will! To compensate, Paris Fashion Week is FINALLY upon us again and although, sadly, by the time I get there it will be all over, I can still bring you its glory through the medium of finding the best pictures and posting them on here :)
I just saw the schedule and oh em gee it's a jam-packed marathon of excitement! (Click here to see the calendar!)

You do not want to miss the ensuing feast for your eyes!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Have an event this weekend - a family event of the boif's. Very important. Formal. I think he's going for a kilt. Since I bought (another) bag, funds are low and I ventured into the depth of my wardrobe to 'throw' something together (cos I'm nonchalant like that). Quite happy with the results (now need some nude shoes :) ) yet now not sure of its appropriateness.

Too revealing? Everything is actually underwear but with all the pretty layers and a nice big belt, who's to know? Can I get away with this in a room full of the older generation whilst ceilidh

Decisions, decisons.

In other news, hopefully going on a fashion adventure around Edinburgh tomorrow - very exciting and pictures to follow if the trip is successful. Beginning of an era, people!