Sunday, 7 March 2010

Best of PFW so far, worst of street fashion...

I thought I would have had at least some luck by now in finding some worthy people to shoot but alas, the world is against me.
Trawled around Glasgow town centre this afternoon to no avail, and thought I'd try my luck back in Ed but the late afternoon sun was ridiculous and I had no sunglasses to shield my eyes so I couldn't even see the road before me, let alone any fashionables.

As you can see, Glasgow town centre was teeming with people yet not a stylist soul in sight :(

And so from no style to more style than most people can handle, PFW is in full swing and some shows have been epic. Here is a pick of the best so far...

So the 'A's - Ann Demeulemeester back on great form again - beautifully cut coats and jackets is what she does best - just look at the structure! And those trousers tailored to luxe perfection. A great collection.
I loved the colour palette of AF Vandervorst - neutrals and blacks, with almost armour plated garments and then this lovely, deconstructed and aged ensemble, with white chalk/dust billowing from the creases...amazing!

Balmain's power shoulder lives to see another season and it looks as though it's "Recession? What recession?" theme again with rich embroidery and gold everywhere. Looking forward to the embroidered jackets!

Three words to describe Haider Ackermann? Sexy, structured and uh...leather. Fan-fucking-tastic. Most of this collection is so damn awesome that we can forgive him for the wilted lace afterthoughts towards the end there.. So out of place in this one (leather) themed show.

Umm.. This is unmistakeably Viktor and Rolf. I have to say, the rest of their collection is shockingly wearable! The set looked amazing!

I think enough has been said about Pugh already and my bigging him up would be quite unecessary so apart from saying - look at that collar! - we shall move on.
I am absolutely loving Sharon Wauchob's minimalist collection - full of black but bursting with different textures and cuts. I love black on black on black and her collection shows you how to achieve this effortlessly!

God there's been so many shows I may have to leave this for now as I don't want this post dragging on. Just have to say in closing... Isabel Not impressed with your collection at all, therefore it won't be gracing my pages!

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