Wednesday, 10 March 2010

PFW - Damsels! Frankenbears! Divers...?!?!

Well, catching up on the last few days of FW has been very entertaining indeed. Scrolling through reels of beautiful garments that were (mostly) made with love and the utmost care and attention. Of course, you expect breath-taking creations, bearing the hallmarks of true excellence.

I was really looking forward to seeing what Tisci had to offer and although I wasn't disappointed, I wasn't immediately amazed either. I think it's maybe a grower..I don't think I have ever used that word in the context of a collection before but there ya go.

He noted skiing and scuba diving as influences of this collection and while it's there, it is given that gothy, vixenesque appeal that he does so well.

The apparently open front zip is clearly an ode to divers everywhere and gives the ensembles that "just out of the water and have unzipped my diving suit halfway so it's hanging at the hips" appeal that Cameron Diaz would be proud of (why was she not invited to walk?) yet somehow it works...

After looking at the pictures I have decided to post..can you guess which theme I liked best?
And of course, Tisci's infamous feathers.. Now I am certain. I want a feather cape!

Next, Chanel:

Not sure I can describe my reaction when the first thing I see of the Chanel show is the bear hybrid you see there in the first pic. I was mortified - how many animals did they kill to piece that Frankenstein outfit together?! But in his madness, Lagerfeld remembered that it would be unwise to use REAL fur (my personal insight into that enigmatic man) so he went with faux instead. PHEW! My inner PETA warrior subsided. But my inner fashion enthusiast was still not impressed. 78 pictures later (that's right - I said seventy eight) and I'm still not entirely convinced.

I was extremely pleased to see the Frankenbear shed its fur to reveal Chanel tweed and intricate knits and those two tone shoes - dayam! But a few more ill-placed bear suits left me feeling cough up some fur balls.

Moving on swiftly...

A respectful last series of presentations for the peerless Alexander McQueen, a selection of sixteen pieces full of history, intricacy and attention to detail that defined his work. I wanted to post them all on here, but decided to select the ones which I liked best and thought represents the collection.

The opulence and regality of the collection is clear: the gold embroidery, layers of silk, jewel adorned necklines - all a flamboyant throwback to more prosperous times where power and religion were one and the same. The floor length designs could have graced the court of Kings and have their own royal portrait!

I absolutely adore the cocktail dresses. I am very reluctant to call them that as they look like they should be worn for a banquet or feast.

OK, enough with the medieval comparisons..I hear ya.
I am not going to go into some shit about how it's an "unfinished symphony to life- and death" (yeah nice try Daily Mail - you're still shit) because I think we are in danger of trying to read too much into the work of someone who died suddenly and it's easy to find meaning that's not there. Of course, this is not to say that his work wasn't complex - he explored a lot of themes in his work - but that not every stitch, colour choice or pattern necessarily represents his innermost feelings.

So all I am going to say is that the collection was beautiful - which is what fashion should be at the core, and that it is a shame that there could not have been more of it! Definitely need more beauty in the world.

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