Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Styling Stuff

So it's been a while since I posted any of my styling work, possibly related to the fact that I haven't done much recently. Between working fulltime now (boo) and trying (and failing) to work on my blog, as well as learning all about the exciting world of English law (equity - I hate you) I have been otherwise engaged. BUT since some of my work popped up on my radar recently, I'd frankly be doing everyone a disservice by not blogging about it.

I was really pleased when I saw one of my few mens shoots published in Slave in their recent issue, along with my regular fashion week updates. I was really excited to work with Goodstead and their collection of simple, clean Scandanavian style designs. I really loved the muted colours with the gorgeous Victorian classroom setting and Ania's delicate camera work.

You can find the full spread in much better detail in the latest edition of Slave Magazine and I'll be covering Mens Week in Paris for the January edition - excited to go to my first AW collections in Paris!

I'm not sure how many people watch that little known show called X Factor on Saturday nights (don't know what I'm talking about? Look here), but I was glad to see that one of my favourite acts was back... and what she had on her back was no other than a stunning design by one of my favourite native designers - Obscure Couture!

That's one hot mess. On the right.

When they're not lending their garments to Dione Bromfield or Russian Vogue (to the detriment of MY shoot), they are allowing other fellow creatives' visions (namely the very talented photographer and long-time collaborator Sam Williamson) come true by letting us take their clothes to 'Scotland's finest stately home', more commonly known as Hopetoun House, and injecting some Victorian punk.

Also featured in the shoot was the lovely Jennie Lööf with her original, ethical and quirky designs, as well as pieces from the charming tea/cake/vintage clothes shop Made With Love Finnieston. Amazing!
Dress from Made With Love, Floral jacket is by Jennie Loof and the sexy rings by Euan McWhirter. Yum!

The stunning setting and the beautifully crafted ornate jewellery by Euan McWhirter was the, er, final jewel in the crown, so to speak. They weren't Scottish Style Awards nominees for no reason! Each room in the house seemed to come alive with its own theme, and I will try and upload the full series if and when I have time but in the meantime, you may enjoy the spread with keen Canadians in the latest issue of Zeum Magazine!

Early night for me tonight, but I feel a serious and potentially ranty post coming on. Stay tuned!

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