Thursday, 4 August 2011

Note to Self - Blog is Back On!

Sooo I would not blame anyone for thinking that this blog more or less (more) defunct now but then I surprise you with another post about how I plan to turn things around very soon. And I am telling you now that I do indeed plan to turn things round with this blog, with new and fresh ideas that I will try my utmost to realise - if I don't, please restrict yourself to one hate mail per reader.

My only poor and feeble excuse about my now well-extended sabbatical is the interference of other aspects of my life - namely graduating and the almost never-ending search for a career job (for now). With that all out of the way, I can finally put myself back in the blog game without feeling like I should be looking for a means to my next meal...

So why have I decided to continue boring the internet fashion community by maintaining my blog? Mainly because it's fun for me (it's all about me me me) but also I have had positive feedback so why the hell not. I have come to realise that a lot of my favourite blogs are more personal, rather than just a review show, so maybe I shall aim to achieve this and show you exciting things from my life, if and when they pop up..

Right, grovelling apology over, what can you expect when you stumble across this sacred URL?
  1. I intend to add actual pages to this blog and have my portfolio on here too. Model Mayhem was great but not too professional as the only source to my port..
  2. I WILL start invading other people's wardrobes again and bringing the photographic evidence to you - definitely more to be explored there.
  3. More personal stuff and maybe even delving beyond the realms of fashion. Then you can decide that actually, I'm not that interesting and a little bit irritating.
  4. At least one post every week. I'm going to regret adding this to the official list of commitments. I could easily re-edit this post and remove it. A list of three looks better anyway...

All of the above is basically a wordy 'note to self' about how I want this blog to be, but in writing and published so it makes me feel even more guilty about not fulfilling it.

I'm not even going to say something generic like I usually do like "watch this space" because I feel like I need to do a real post imminently or people will never bother with this again, after having read this without some kind of reward at the end...

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