Friday, 5 August 2011

I Miss Fashion Week

Finally, the time came when I had to upload my pictures from Paris, even if it took me all night (and it did), unless I wanted to save them for a rainy day for a cheeky reminder nearer to the next season. But I decided that since it's been so long since I've been on holiday, or done anything Fashion related, I would use a few photos in a blog post to remind myself and let everyone else know what I enjoyed most about Mens Fashion Week. We've all seen the shows and reviews (remember that excellent article in the latest issue of Slave Magazine?)so this is merely just a wee trip down a smooth and uncobbled memory lane for all the less than comfortable shoes worn by all the women - the true victims of fashion...

As it's August, I'm already looking forward and ready to request invitations for London Fashion Week in September, and clinging onto the memories of the last one will no doubt make me more eager for the next..
Also, it's always nice to remind ourselves of what sunny weather is like - I'm starting to forget already...

The crowds:
What I like about Mens Week (while others will disagree) is the notably calmer atmosphere. While the carnage and feather-ruffling of Womens Week is entertaining, it is also irritating in equal measures. While you'd like to commend their effort, the words "try" and "hard" inevitably come together for some. You know something is wrong when photobloggers outnumber buyers in their thousands... I like the abundance of black at Mens Week - it's rarely boring when most of those wearing them are effortlessly cool and often mature attendees.

Mr Spock at Juun J:
Wait, did I not already talk about this jacket when JP Braganza designed it for his AW 11 collection...?

The well-used venue of the Maison des Métallos, a really interesting building, except when it's boiling hot and it feels like it was the designer's intention to cook his guests alive. Then I'm not that keen on it.

Friends at Julius:
While the show was so-so (what can we expect, though, if the clothes are only "secondary" in the multidirectional art...thing that is Julius?), it is always pleasant to see friends abroad, as Jonathan rightly said, and due to their front row status, Garçon Jon and Michael appeared in many of my pics. It was very inconsiderate of them, really.

If I could get my hair to look like this, I would. With Autumn coming up, I could just stand outside in the wind and rain for a few hours. And then just lightly spritz with hairspray to hold. That should do it.

A dark and somewhat disappointing Boris Bidjan Saberi, but highlights included sitting next to mysterious and old cowboy man, allowed into every show, while the reason always eluded me and the names of designers always eluded him. Who is he? Sadly, no photo due to impossibility of taking a photo of someone squeezed in next to you in a dark room without being really obvious with the blinding flash of light as you take a photo of part of his face.

Was happy to see the odd splash of colour here and there, there is a lot of waiting around (everyone's obsessed with being fashionably late) so I spend a lot of time playing with my zoom lens and still not being able to focus when I get into a show.
This guy always had a Hawaiian shirt on. A different one every day. The boif said it was like a big "screw you" to all the solemn fashion folk in their serious blacks. I think it's because they flatter his figure so fabulously. Also would like to know who he is.

The beautiful boys of Demeulemeester. Favourite venue. Favourite show. Will definitely gush more about her in later posts..

Yellow hair at Songzio. A very accomplished collection with beautifully cut jackets. Shame the heat made it difficult to be in an appreciative mood.

Lovely patterned suits at Qasimi. Rest of the collection was a bit too literal at times but these were definitely my favourite. Also the genius notion of having the show in an airy and open pavilion made me even more susceptible to his offerings. Will I get the boif into one? I hear giving up black is hard...

And so we've reached the end of my highlights so far. Did and saw so many other fun things but this was only meant to be a quick tour of my Mens Week experience. Maybe one day I will learn not to wait until I have 600 photos and no free time to get around to processing them all.

As punishment, I have included the most embarrassing portrayal possible and summary of my time in Paris. The sun was shining, the city was romantic, I was on my way to a show and most importantly, I was stuffing my face as usual. Until next time...


  1. Loved the Songzio collection too but that Maison gets ridiculously hot in summer! We shall have to go back in January when the temperatures inside are much more conducive to fashion gushing...

  2. Is it weird that I kinda love Mr. Spock man? I also love the anti-fashion mindset of Hawaiian shirt man; the industry needs more humour!