Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Me on the Internet

So, I had almost forgotten about the possibility of my face appearing on the internet due to the abundance of photographers at fashion week. I'm sure you now know I'm not so keen on the sheer number of them BUT it's not like I'm going to act like a cold bitch by slapping their camera out of their hands as they try to take my picture - plus some of them actually had good chat and insight about fashion, but even they agreed that the streetstyle blogging market is "over-saturated". I'm a follower and lover of such blogs myself but obviously not all of them are of a great quality and personally I prefer the focus to be more on the shows during FW (I also tend to grumble at the celebrity culture surrounding womens week especially but that's perhaps a rant for a later post). Who knows, maybe there's a perfectly good explanation for their numbers - obviously there has been a growing demand for moremoremore pictures of snappy dressers on the streets - and other people are still loving it and don't see it as a minor annoyance like I do?

Still, despite my moaning, it is nice to know that others enjoy your style (but it means less when others take a shot of you just because they see someone else being polite and approaching you..) so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my interview with Tank Magazine had been published. Popular outfit that day - not forgetting the lovely shot Jonathan took of me and the boif (linked in my last post - shall not milk it).

I have no idea if my images have been popping up elsewhere - Tank were kind enough to tell me who there were and where I could find myself - and even then I only just came across this. Not so easy when not everyone spoke English.

Not very used to smiling on cue so feel free to snigger at my lame attempt at the end of the vid.

In other news, exciting event going on in Edinburgh this weekend. The McQueen tribute bug has hit Scotland and Noir have dedicated their latest event to an evening of McQueen!

I will be there with camera in hand to document all the debauchery!

I hope you're excited...

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