Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fruits of Fashion Labour

Well I am back from my sabbatical in the blogosphere with something to show for my absence. My foray into styling has been very exciting indeed and I am positively bursting to do more more more.

Hello my name is Jess and I am an addict.

As we would have it though, technology is not on my side (we'll have a fist fight later) and I can't show you all the shiny and sweet fruits of my labour YET but I feel like a wee sneak peak is not too much to ask. This post will almost definitely be superceded very soon with a lovely collection of photos.

UPDATE: I now have all the photos I need to give you an idea of the work we did on the shoot. Give your eyes something good to look at...

[All photos by Sam Williamson - no stealing.]

The light that day was super fantastic - every few minutes. A lot of the pics from this clearing had a hyper realistic look. LOVED it. Not much editing had to be done on these pictures - yes the grass was that green and the clouds were that dramatic.
Also, leather detailing on a dress? Must have.

Had to go barefoot on this one - jaggy rocks and a steep hill are not the most forgiving of footholds. Charlie is not a mountain goat.
I like the movement and presence of this pic too - I hope none of our pictures ever turn out dead eyed and static.
If her hair was a bit shaggier and she looked a bit rougher then she might have looked like she was actually coming out of that cave... food for thought.

The texture of the stone in this ruin of a church(?) half way up a treacherous hill (which I CLIMBED) was so gorgeous.
What I like about this location is that there is drama up close and when you view the structure as a whole. The jagged shape of each individual rock and also of the ruin works well with the washed out denim (which Sam faded in editing to complement the stone).

This was the last location of the day, which served as quite a contrast to our well-lit meadow in the first few pictures.
I love how the shade of the tree made this look almost like night time, and the stark contrast under the bridge from total darkness to a bright green is very striking.
I would have liked Charlie to get in the little stream for an Ophelia style photo but maybe that was asking too much. Next time!

Cobwebs complete the look.

The next shoot will definitely be in a completely different direction. I already have a good idea in my mind's eye of the composition, the colours and the clothes.
The last shoot had a strong focus on setting but our next project will be more about the look. Damn I'm excited.

I will be putting up all the pictures from this shoot on my Model Mayhem page.

Stay tuned...

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