Thursday, 30 September 2010

Weekend Works of Art

After yet another sabbatical (blame New York), I thought it would be appropriate to dive into another photo shoot to avoid the embarrassment of lack of posts... too little too late?

Concept this time?
Soft, natural, silks, knits and amazing one of a kind jewellery!

Sam has done a great job of editing the photos so they look lovely and appealing, while Kara's features provided some interesting close-up shots.

Without further ado..
I love the soft focus of this picture - very dreamy and feather light!

More pictures should be in this gorgeous, almost sepia tone... I love it!

Mini hat, anyone?

There were some more fantastic outside location shots as well, which I may or may not include at a future date when I get a hold of them.

The result of a hard days work?
Just beautiful shots - no props, no gimmicks, no avant garde concepts, posing or controversy, no meat dress, and no cross dressing (this time, that will come later).

I do hope to showcase Susanna Cheng's unique jewellery in greater detail in future shoots - I have a Vogue-esque beauty shoot planned which I am very excited about!


A round-up of my favourite shows from fashion weeks past.. Let's face it, I will probably only be covering London and Paris. Looking ahead to spring colours and fabrics in the darkness of the Scottish winter? I can think of worse things to do.
Expect all the prettiness of spring... and white.

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