Thursday, 24 September 2009


Mama needs new ideas for future posts. But now that I am back in education and learning again, time may be scarce. Although it might also mean I will have more time allocated to procrastination.
I promise there will be some awesome ideas.

Keep watching.

In the meantime, some favourites of LFW.
Prorsum was sexy but I always think the AW collections kick more arse. Although it was still one of the more impressive collections.
Luella was disappointing - why does everyone have to look like Minnie Mouse?
Pilotto was exciting, not sure what I make of it yet. Will let you know. Some of the colours could have been better, I think - the bluey/yellowy/grey combo was a bit..blah, they all blended into a murky soup. The rest was ace!
As for Fashion East and the new designers?
Michael Van Der Ham's mix and match collage appeal gives me sartorial envy - I can't sew...but I can cut things up.

Pictures coming soon...

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