Sunday, 16 August 2009

A Black Autumn

It is officially COLD here in Scotland, although I am reluctant to admit it. Time to seriously think about the Autumn wardrobe. I'd like to stay optimistic for the next few months by sticking to some light pieces, but bringing in the boots (God I love boots). I'll also need to look out for some heavier scarves - particularly those loop ones!
Here is the kind of thing I am talking about..

A cute little black velvet jacket by Phyl Couture or this beautifully detailed Sass and Bide number (heavily reduced!) for some impact! I've decided on a lot of black this season - with maybe a splash of colour ... if I feel like it.

Add to that a little cotton Preen monochrome patterned dress (white is a colour!) and we're almost set...

Shoes? Am wondering whether the Dr Marten Darcie boots are a good idea. They are ridiculously comfortable so that means hours of wear. And they are patent leather... Opinion is divided on them, though. Either way, they won't break the bank AND will complement the Black Autumn look. Another option? A nice pair of Victorian lace-up boots. Haven't found the perfect pair YET but I am a patient girl. Well I'm not but I am persistent.

And accessories? Burberry. Dégradé. No suitable loop scarves yet but this lovely Damir Doma men's cashmere one will do nicely...

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