Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Proenza Schouler Crocodile Satchel, Anyone?

First post of my new blog - what better way to start than with a £10,000 bag?

This must be the ultimate summer satchel. Although you could also buy a car...two cars if you're cheap.

Are crocodiles endangered species...?

I have been looking for a satchel-type bag, but I may have to settle for a pink Miu Miu one on eBay.
But that might also mean selling a Luella.
The world can be cruel sometimes...

I seem to just look at bags in my free time. Maybe I should divide my time between all the clothing/accessory categories.

OK - Will discuss clothes tomorrow. Although it is cold here in Scotland right now, so may want to look at Autumn clothing.

You could just get the boring suede one... but is there a substitute for a reptile's back?