Thursday, 29 September 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Damir Doma

I know it seems like I have bypassed London Fashion Week show stuff, but rest assured, it will appear elsewhere. In the meantime, Paris Fashion Week is in full swing so get ready for some related pictures and words. It also serves as a good break from all the patriotic stuff I've been doing recently.

Damir Doma
So the robes are gone, well, more or less, to be replaced with something rather more decidedly...Grecian. The progression from robe-like garments to togas isn't the overhaul of the century, but his latest approach is interesting, especially when combined with modern jackets and even city shorts - mixing the new with the old. The long, drapey elements still make an appearance here and there, although definitely outnumbered by the torque-collared dresses paired with wrap around sandals. Although originally a menswear designer (I remember attending a show and imagining how his garments would look on a female form), he has a fine grasp of a good female silhouette, but there are still moments where he prefers to stay loose and billowy, rather than form fitting. Of course, that is not necessarily an indication that he shies away from accentuating womanly curves, but just a manifestation of his aesthetic.
The staple black pieces mixed in with white, gold and a lush olivey/yellow colour worked well for the collection, and the odd gold embellishments further accentuated the Grecian feel.
What is interesting is that this collection is definitely a more commercial affair than previous offerings (especially compared to his menswear), but it may also just be that Grecian/floaty/robe elements are more common for mainstream womenswear compared to its use in commercial menswear.
Still, there is plenty more room for development for this relatively new designer to womenswear. Not too many compaints, here, though. 

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