Friday, 5 November 2010

Bonnie Scotland

Me and Sam's latest creative effort is finally ready to arrive on the blogosphere. The adventure (it was an adventure for my heeled Dr Martens, trying to navigate rocky beaches and general countryside uneveness) took us to beautiful Fife, namely Dalgety Bay and its environs (sorry Sam, forgotten the names..).

My fear of rain soon turned into worry that it was too sunny (!) so had to rethink the wardrobe, but made me feel not too bad for putting Amrita in a silk dress.
The combination of beach and rocks was amazing and it was fantastic to see a range of locations in a small but albeit picturesque town..
As you may or may not have heard (me gush about it), my next photo collaboration is going to be situated in the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh with a Birds of Paradise theme.
Featuring local talent a-plenty (and Amrita again) with talented dress makers and hat makers this one is going to be stunning to the max.

As always, more photos can be found on my port at Model Mayhem.

See you other other side, kids..

Photos by Sam Williamson
Styling/make-up by ME

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